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Studies have consistently shown that men have more orgasms than women in sexual intercourse. When the survey is of women alone or lesbian sex, there is virtually no discrepancy. Clearly, penetrative sex by penis is fine for men but not so fine for women. There needs to be way more concern with clitoral stimulation and for men to respect that women are entitled to their orgasms.. Dr Laurie Mintz has written an interesting blog on this for 'Psychology Today':
seveninches wrote at January 19, 2016
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I think, according to this article, this is due to the fact that only a lucky 3 - 10 % of women can orgasm by penetration alone. This means there has to be clitoral stimulation, which isn't that easy when having sex in a missionary position.

In another article I once read that the chance of getting clitoral stimulation in missionary sex is dependent on the distance between vagina and clitoris. Women whose clit is closer to the vagina are more likely to be stimulated. Some variations of the missionary might also be helpful.

And then there are plenty of positions which allow to stimulate this marvelous organ manually.
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