Say 'Hi' if you pop by ...
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#1 May 27, 4:42 am
Say 'Hi' if you pop by ...
Just thought I'd start a thread for visitors to see if anyone else comes here.

I used to like this forum and it's all free so it's such a shame that it's only used by spammers now.

If you pop by, leave a note please.

Last one out: turn off the lights!
#2 June 6, 8:41 pm
Hi MrVisitor
#3 June 7, 5:55 am
Hi St Oswald!
#4 June 8, 4:13 pm
Hi MrV, just returned from a fortnight's vaca, hence my absence from LG ... A good idea, your forum post, I hope people will say more than just 'Hi' ;-)
Glad to see some guys coming back too
Don't worry, be happy!
#5 June 10, 10:44 pm
Hi Seven,

Anyone else out there???
#6 June 19, 9:06 am
southernal sneaks in from time to time

Hi ewes all where is everyone these days?

groovy keep up the good work ..... happy days ....
#7 June 21, 12:16 pm
Hi there Southernal,

The main groups seems to have been scattered all over the place.

I know where extremegf is but not sure about any of the others, alas ...
#8 June 22, 10:32 pm
time is a commodity I guess Mr V... these days my timeruns far too short for all of lifes adventures,,,

EX I know of,, + 3-4 other special people, seems as though being here is rare,,

perhaps a direct mail out all our friends might stir up interest??
#9 July 8, 4:45 am
I agree about time being a rare commodity, Southernal. I just find it strange that this free site isn't used more.

If anyone knows where LZungSeng is, I'd love to reacquaint myself with her ... we had some fun times.
#10 July 9, 10:06 am
My suggestion to you MrV: Write a message on LSungZeng's profile page, she will then get a notification by e-mail if she's activated this option in her settings ...
Good luck
Don't worry, be happy!
#11 July 10, 2:43 pm
Hello gentleman,
Couldn't resist the invite to stop and say hi. True time is of a premium...and we were here in its hay day...when the boards were buzzing. Memories of dear friend, much kindness...and it was far from all sexual...I enjoyed the conversations, the teasing, the sharing of information.
Warmest regards my friends
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#12 July 13, 4:43 am
Hi Lacy,

Thanks for the posting - good to hear you're OK.

7: I have tried contacting LSZ.

Have a great day!
#13 September 7, 9:15 am
#14 September 8, 1:29 pm
Greetings South!
#15 September 10, 11:36 am
Hi there folks!

I saw your messages.

Hi Lacey, Hi Southernal
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