Is LoveSpace back again?
Posted October 9, 2018 by seveninches in General
After a couple of years of trying to log into LoveSpace in vain, I tried once more today and --- WOW --- I had a success. I hope this site will experience a great revival!

Love to all, seven
Why Is There An Orgasm Gap?
Posted October 6, 2015 by superadmin in General
Studies have consistently shown that men have more orgasms than women in sexual intercourse. When the survey is of women alone or lesbian sex, there is virtually no discrepancy. Clearly, penetrative sex by penis is fine for men but not so fine for women. There needs to be way more concern with clitoral stimulation and for men to respect that women are entitled to their orgasms.. Dr Laurie Mintz has written an interesting blog on this for 'Psychology Today':
Many experts say that porn addiction does not exist any more than video-game addiction, or binge-watching addiction, or online shopping addiction. For some the label is seen as getting people off the hook by giving it a medical 'diagnosis' (the same is true of 'sex addiction'). For others the label - identifying as a porn addict - is likely to bring on feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and distress. Clinical psychologist David Ley, author of “The Myth of Sex Addiction,” says, “Decades of research shows that sex and porn are not addictive. Instead, the notion of porn addiction reflects people’s moral and social fears of sex.” Just because someone identifies as a porn addict doesn’t necessarily mean you need to treat them like an addict. You need to treat them like someone who is experiencing a lot of self-stigma... Read more on this:
No 'Right Amount' Of Sex..
Posted August 28, 2015 by superadmin in General
It boosts our health, helps us feel connected to the one we love, and triggers a cascade of feel-good, happy-making hormones. Despite all that good stuff, sex can sometimes feel like a chore—like something we have to do to keep away the relationship boogeyman. "When it comes to sex, we are bombarded with information that can easily lead us to feel inadequate," said Patricia Johnson, co-author of “Partners in Passion” and “Great Sex Made Simple.” But despite what we hear and read about sex, there is no "right" amount, said Kristen Carpenter, PhD, director of women's behavioral health at The Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center.
Johnson agreed: "The issue is not what other people are doing or how you measure up compared to the national average; it's about whether or not you're enjoying what you're doing and whether you're making the most of it..." Read more:
How much sex should I be having? This is a question that many people spend a great deal of time thinking about. We want sex for lots of different reasons: lust, love, relief, ego and consolation, to name but a few. The upside to sex is that it can make us feel wonderful, fulfilled, needed and desired. But, like many things, where there’s an ‘up’, there’s usually a ‘down’ and feeling pressured, obliged, used or just plain not interested are all things likely to make us question what we want from sex and how often we should be having it. All of this points to the perennial question of ‘what’s normal’?
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