here to learn about sex and relationships. want to meet friends to chat about sexual experiences, and relationship issues in a free and open way.
also enjoy hearing about other peoples sex experiences. esp like looking in forum at some of the interesting opinions and ideas, hope to learn some things there.
like looking at pics in gallery too.
would also like to meet people in real life, but only for a chat or friendship over coffee!!
i am happily married with 3 children and live in south wales, although i come from England.
i have a nice house and good kids + pet rabbit and live in a great part of wales with forests and beaches, but this august and september it has rained just too much, its pouring down as i write this.
Enjoy reading about sex, ie tracey cox and nancy friday and watching relationship programmes on tv, ie would like to meet, and anna span.
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seveninches wrote at March 23, 2019
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Hi Andy, glad to see you've visited the site. But I suppose you must have been disappointed because there isn't much going on ... Let's try to revive this site. What about eg writing a blog or start a thread?
Regards, Seven
superadmin wrote at February 14, 2017
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Hi Andy, Welcome to LoveSpace!!