Vous Mourrez D'envie et M'Amerez
Like minded people of all kinds....I adore other Scorpio's and Aries especially.
Is 15 years younger than I.We enjoy experimenting with positions and moderate BDSM. He is quite inventive. His 'male part' had several surgeries when a child for medical reasons that resulted in a unique shape which feels amazing. Has pierced nipples & wants his penis pierced again.
He enjoys gardening, home improvement, and his truck. Fortunate me, he dislikes sports!
Chilled out and easy going though I do get mad as hatter at times. I've been told I tend to haunt people's thoughts, not sure why that would be.

If I go to hell at least it'll be warm and I'll be with friends.
Ronald Bronson wrote at December 14, 2011
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Hi, sexy, your first pic is so hot.., you look amazing.. Would be great to chat with you,
all the best! 001_smile
Ronald Bronson
Michael clouse wrote at October 16, 2011
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you look hot
Michael clouse
San wrote at November 12, 2008
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Please clear your mail box
saxymuso wrote at August 16, 2008
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Originally posted by: "FrenchCuffs13
Hi there. Wanted to say hello and welcome to LG. please feel free to correspond, ask questions and tell me about yourself. I feel we may have much in common. I already have a few questions for you in mind!

Hi there to you too. Thanks for the comment re the page background. It kinda depicts a part of my sensuality. Been having a bit of a look at urs...I LIKE!!! So...ask away when you feel you are able. Thanks for the welcome...appreciated.
shaddyme wrote at July 27, 2008
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Hey!!! Wat u can do is 2 chat wid me u can add me on

topher88 wrote at July 21, 2008
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its great to see you back here.  Lust the new pic.  Those legs look like they could go on forever.  I hope to chat with you soon.  Kisses
jeff22257 wrote at June 25, 2008
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What happened here?
jeff22257 wrote at June 17, 2008
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Will you ever talk to us again?
man_in_love wrote at May 17, 2008
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your inbox is full
San wrote at April 24, 2008
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HI, give me a call when you have time.
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